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Puppy Application (for Prospective Owner)


We want to ensure that our puppies are in the best home possible.  Please complete the following questions. 

There are no right or wrong answers, but please answer all the questions honestly.  This information, along with

the temperament test that we give each puppy, will give us the ability to match the right puppy to your family.








Res. Phone:_______________________________ Bus. Phone_________________________________


Cell Phone:________________________________ E-Mail:____________________________________



I am interested in a Male____female____labrador.


My color preference is black____yellow____.


My color/sex preference is very strong____, I am somewhat flexible____.

The color/sex of the dog are unimportant to me____, I just want a healthy, loving pet.


It will be used for Pet____Show____Breeding____Obedience____other__________________________



Name of Spouse/Companion:____________________________________________________________


Names and Ages of Children:____________________________________________________________




Is there anyone else who will be living with the dog?__________________________________________


Pet Ownership Experience

Have you previously owned a dog?_________________


Have you previously owned this breed?_______________


If yes, please provide the following for each dog you have owned (attach list, if necessary)


Breed (or predominate breed if mixed)_____________________________________________________


How obtained (purchased, found, given as a gift, adopted, etc)__________________________________


Age when obtained__________


What happened to the dog (sold, given to others, lost, died--include cause of death


What animals do you currently own?_______________________________________________________


Do you breed dogs now, or have you had experience breeding dogs?_____________________________


Which of the following best fits the primary reason(s) you would like to have a dog?  If you mark more than one,

please put a 1 by the most important and a 2 by the next most important, etc.

__for spouse

__for children

__for other pet



__guard dog


__hunting dog

__conformation showing

__obedience showing


__agility trials

__therapy work


What specifically attracted you to this breed?  How did you become interested in owning one?






Facilities and Care

Your occupation:______________________________________________________________________


Work Schedule:_______________________________________________________________________


Typical hours per week:_________________________________________________________________


Occupation of Spouse/Companion:________________________________________________________


Work Schedule:_______________________________________________________________________


Typical hours per week:_________________________________________________________________


How many hours per day would the dog be left alone?_________________________________________


Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?_______________________________________________

Do you own your own home?____________________________________________________________

If renting, do you have landlordís permission to have a dog?____________________________________


The dog would spend most of its time outside_____inside_____the home?


The dogís sleeping quarters would be outside_____inside_____the home?


Description of outdoor space for the dog:


Fenced yard (type of fence)___________                         Walking Trails nearby_______________

Unfenced yard____________                                                      Parks nearby____________

Kennel run____________                                                            Pool________________

Open fields__________                                                              Garage____________


How will your dog be transported?________________________________________________________


How will you exercise your dog?__________________________________________________________


What type of a family do you have?  Active______Average_____Inactive______


Are there activities your family does which could include the dog?  If so, please list.




What type of temperament would you like the puppy to have (select one below and explain why)?


Active & why_________________________________________________________________________


Moderate & why_______________________________________________________________________


Laid back & why_______________________________________________________________________


Size and Weight of adult dog_____________________________________________________________


Additional Information

When you travel, would you normally travel with the dog?______________________________________


What arrangements would you make for the care of the dog when it is unable to go with you?




Do you plan to feed your puppy the Prey Model Diet as outlined by breeder?_______________________


Please consider what you would do with your dog if any of the following situations were to happen to you:


Divorce              Move                 New baby                      Loss of job                    Serious Illness


Are you willing to sign an agreement to bring the dog back to the breeder if you are unable or donít want to

care for the dog anymore?____________________________________________________


Were you referred to this breeder by anyone?  If yes, please list name: __________________________


Veterinarian name and phone:_________________________________________________________


Are you willing to spend the necessary funds to provide the necessary health care for your puppy through out its life?


 As a responsible Labrador Retriever breeder, we complete a temperament test on all of our puppies during the sixth week of age. 

The purpose of the temperament test and this questionnaire is to establish a basis for matching a puppy of the correct temperament

 for you and your family.  During your visits with us, you may see a puppy you like.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that

 your choice of puppy will be the same puppy that best fits the temperament you requested until after completion of the temperament tests.


List any other comments or conditions the breeder should be aware of and/or included in the contract?









(Please return as soon as possible to Mining Camp Labradors, address on first page.)