Mining Camp Labsí goals to improve the Labrador breed:  


HEALTH is first and foremost.  I have adopted a completely natural rearing protocol in an attempt to overcome some of the very common defects in the lab breed.  As a result, we no longer have any dysplasia.  Teeth remain clean and gums healthy for the life of the dog without dental intervention. Body build is lean, muscular, and well boned. Temperaments are calmer and pups are able to focus on training and learn faster.  Cardiovascular system is healthy and strong eliminating TVD.  It goes without saying that we breed only labs that have all their health clearances.


TEMPERAMENT is the hallmark of the labrador breed.  A beautiful, healthy dog with a rotten attitude is no good to anyone.  We make sure that the studs we choose are teddy bears.  We also make sure our puppies are handled by a variety of people from a very early age and that they stay with their litter for 8-14 weeks so that they learn proper puppy etiquette.  We make sure they are exposed to lots of stimuli that help develop their intellect, confidence, and ability to adapt.  A shy, fearful lab is a faulty lab. 


CONFORMATION is equally important.  Too many well bred labs are overdone--too heavily boned and flabby.   We have combined a field line with show lines resulting in an athletic, aesthetically pleasing lab capable of performing the task they were originally bred for. They are retrievers by nature and extremely intelligent.  Good skeletal structure is absolutely necessary for good movement and endurance.  We continually evaluate the conformation of our puppies striving to breed good shoulder layback, strong chests, level top lines, and proper angulation.  We choose studs that will complement our girls' build and improve any weaknesses they may have in these areas.The breed standard is our guide.  


COMMUNICATION with our puppy clients is paramount.  Our puppies are superior in health, temperament and conformation but all that can be destroyed if we do not adequately communicate how to properly care for them.  We have developed a comprehensive care manual that will answer many of the questions from new owners.  We also promise to be available for the life of the puppy to help with any issues.  We are only a phone call away.  Included in our contract is the promise to re-home a puppy that must be given up for any reason.  Our goal is to keep labs out of the pound and in loving homes where they are considered part of the family.


EDUCATION is ongoing.  I constantly research diet, supplements, labrador conformation, movement and training techniques.  I have attended several seminars given by the nation's leading experts in breeding and labrador conformation as well as attending the world's largest lab show, The Potomac, as often as possible.  I read books on nutrition, disease, development, and alternative medicine on an ongoing basis.  As a lab breeder whose puppies are a legacy to the breed, I must assure they are an improvement to the breed.  I take this very seriously.As a result, our puppies are placed in homes with the understanding they are not to be bred.However, I am glad to share the knowledge Iíve learned with someone seriously considering breeding.