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Mining Camp Labradors is home to natural reared puppies.  Significant benefits Natural Rearing include a long, healthy life

free of chronic diseases and very little need for visits to the vet.  Please read the Natural Rearing Information at the bottom of

this page to find out more about this important life style choice for your precious lab companion.  We breed for conformation and

temperament, and our goal is to produce top quality puppies suitable for show, hunt, service, or companion.  All puppy parents

are OFA and CERF certified and most are either AKC champions or show pointed.


Tug x Pepper-- 20 December 2018--ONE FEMALE AVAILABLE


Peaty x Emmy--31 December 2018 .... ONE YELLOW MALE AVAILABLE

More pics of Tug x Pepper pups (Click Here)

Gaschler's Tug on This of Rogers "Tug"                                                           Mining Camp's Black Diamond (Pepper)

DOB: July 16, 2014

OFA: Hips Good; Elbows Normal

EIC Clear; PRCD Clear; CERF Clear; Heart Clear

Tug x Pepper Puppy Pedigree



CH Little Rascal's Sweet Peaty (Peaty)                                                    Mining Camp's Emerald of St. Patrick (Emmy)

DOB March 21, 2015

EIC Clear; PRCD Clear; OFA Hips Good; CERF Clear


 Peaty x Emmy Puppy Pedigree


PLEASE CONTACT US BY TELEPHONE (480.203.7159) or EMAIL (miningcamplabs@gmail.com) TO GET ON OUR WAITING LIST



                                                   From our past litters:  "HANGING OUT AT THE WATER COOLER"


labrador puppies sleeping




Natural Rearing Philosophy and Benefits

Our philosophy toward canine health begins with proper nutrition.   A HEALTHY animal, whether a high performance dog or a family’s adored pet, is the basis for ensuring a satisfying and successful relationship between owner and dog.  Mining Camp Labrador’s puppies are naturally reared.  This means they are fed a raw, natural diet that does not contain grains or other foods that are not species appropriate--ie, like the wild wolf eats.  Also, our vaccination schedule is radically different than most breeders since we believe that vaccinations carry very real health hazards and are not to be administered without extreme caution.  We do not use chemical wormers, pesticides or heartworm poisons as these chemicals can and do create serious health issues in puppies and dogs. Some of the benefits of Natural Rearing (as compared to kibble fed and highly vaccinated dogs) are:

-- Long, happy lives free of chronic disease with minimal need for veterinarian support

-- No body odor

-- No bad breath

-- Strong healthy gums and teeth, with no need for costly teeth cleaning

-- Beautiful coats free of allergins

-- Ease of training because the dog is not hyped up on carbohydrates from kibble

-- Much less doggy poop!!



Our Adoption Process

Because we receive many inquiries, we find it very helpful if you, the prospective puppy owner, could tell us a little about your family and lifestyle.  If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies, please let us know first by phone call or email.  After a short conversation, we will ask you to  complete and return our puppy adoption application.  Once we have received your application, we will contact you for an on site interview to meet our Labrador Retriever family.  If after the visit both parties agree that adoption is likely, we will either add you to our waiting list for a future litter or accept a deposit for the current litter.  For current litters, we will encourage you to visit the pups to enhance their socialization.  At about 7 weeks of age, we temperament test our pups in order to match them to appropriate owners.  We typically send pups home with their new owners not earlier than 8 weeks of age.  Our puppies are potty trained to a doggie door prior to going to their new homes.  All puppy parents are OFA and CERF certified and most are either AKC champions or show pointed.



A Tribute to "Simba" by Paul Davis, lab lover and friend of Mining Camp Labradors




ADULT LABS AVAILABLE for ADOPTION:  none at this time




Mining Camp's Black Diamond (Pepper)

Sire:  Tealwood's Endless Mountain Man in Black (Manny)  Dam: Mining Camp's Precious Gem (Jamie)

Born: April 5, 2014; EIC Clear; PRCD Carrier; OFA: Hips Good--Elbows Normal; CERF Clear


Mining Camp's Emerald of St. Patrick (Emmy)

Sire:  Mining Camp's Dutchman's Gold (Dutch);  Dam: Mining Camp's Cinderella (Cinder)

Born: March 6, 2016; EIC Carrier: PRCD Clear; OFA: Hips Good--Elbows Normal; CERF Clear


2018 Litter Mates: 

Mining Camp's Prima Cabella de Texas (Cabella)

Mining Camp's Yellow Rose of Texas (Rosie)





Mining Camp's Gold Nugget (Nugget) -- RETIRED     

Sire:  BISS CH Sunset Lubberline Spinnaker; Dam: Mining Camp's Zadie Ladie

Born May, 2006; OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal; CERF clear

special labrador retriever


Mining Camp's "Peggy Sue" -- RETIRED

Sire:  Polish CH, Am CH Figero Dafoz Herbu Zadora (Gandhi); Dam: Mining Camp's Gold Nugget

Born: 06 August 2009; OFA: Good, Elbows Clear, CERF Clear

Peggy Sue is best labrador retriever



Mining Camp's Cinderella (Cinder)-- RETIRED

Sire:  CH Mountain Meadow Big Bang  Dam: Mining Camp's Peggy Sue

Born: 2 February 2012; OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal; CERF clear



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Mining Camp's Dutchman's Gold (Dutch)

Sire: MBOSS Am/Can CH Sunnydaze Indigo WC, JH; Dam: Sunset's Amazing Grace

Born March 8, 2010; OFA (prelim): Hips--excellent, Elbows--clear; Heart--clear; CERF clear; EIC--carrier; PRCD--clear

Dutch pedigree

Dutch in the labrador retriever show

Dutch takes 1st in his class, Papago Labrador Retriever Club Specialty Show--Spring 2011


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Mining Camp Lab's special kids, in memoriam

Mining Camp's Emunah Keleb (born: Feb 2001; died May 2014)

Mining Camp's Zadie Ladie (born Oct 2001; died Jan 30, 2013) 
Zadie's sire: Am Can Mex Intl Ch. SR Ms T's Bo-Mar Been There Done That 
                       JH CGC TT WCX  (aka "Toad")

some of our past puppies




Bitch Color Quantity Whelp Date Date Available





3 male, 2 female

(one female available)


20 Dec 2018



Emmy Yellow 1 male

(one male available

31 Dec 2018 Now
Included with puppy:
  • Trained to doggy door
  • Puppy kit: pedigrees, general puppy info, specific lab info, and care / feeding instructions. 

Puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration.

AKC registered Labrador Retriever puppies are thoroughly socialized and exposed to multiple stimuli in order to produce skills necessary for different roles such as search and rescue, companion dog, service, and hunt.


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E-mail: miningcamplabs@gmail.com
Call: 480.203.7159 for interview

ADDRESS: see below


approx.  1.5 hrs SW of Ft Worth, TX; 3309 Green Meadows Drive, Glen Rose, TX  76043.

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Raw Feeding Guide by Dogs Naturally Magazine;    What Happens to Food When It's Cooked;    Allergies;    Finding Cheaper Sources of Meat;

Raw Feeding Links;   Raw Pup Basics;   

Everything You Need to Know about Protein and Meat Cuts by Stephanie Curti: pawfectmannersca@gmail.com (reposted with permission)



Vaccine Reaction Essay by Dr. Jordan, DVM;     Science of Vaccine Damage;    Safe Vaccines?;    Symptoms of Vaccine Damage;

Outrageous Vaccine Logic;    What Vets Don't Know about Vaccines



Spay-Neuter Risks

Natural Rearing Breeders:  http://www.naturalrearing.com/coda/b_labrador_retriever.html

American Kennel Club: http://www.akc.org